Partnerships for Applied Biosystems, Canada Health Infoway, Emergis, GE, Medipattern; and others
Coastal Healthcare Consulting, a provider of information technology consulting services for healthcare facilities, announced a partnership with hospital and consulting and recruiting services provider Corazon. This partnership will provide clients with the specialized resources for the project management and implementation of clinical information systems that will meet the unique needs of a cardiac care environment.

Montreal-based Emergis has finalized a preferred solution agreement with Canada Health Infoway for its Assure EHR Drug Information System (DIS) solution. The three-year Canada-wide agreement includes competitive pricing and conditions designed to accelerate Infoway's program to support the implementation of interoperable electronic health records (EHR) across the country by governments and publicly funded healthcare organizations. It recognizes that Emergis' DIS solution meets Infoway's criteria from a program investment perspective in terms of pricing and interoperability. Emergis and Infoway have negotiated pricing for a standard DIS offering to be made available by Emergis to governments and health care organizations. Those wishing to augment or customize the standard offering to suit their particular needs are able to do so. Selection of a specific supplier for a DIS solution rests with the government or healthcare organization.

GE Healthcare announced today that it has completed a license agreement with Applied Biosystems, granting Applied Biosystems access to GE’s patents for the biomagnetic isolation of nucleic acids. The license, which is valid for the lifetime of the patents, grants Applied Biosystems certain rights with respect to the isolation and purification of nucleic acids using GE’s proprietary magnetic separation technology.

GE Healthcare’s patented methods for magnetic separation offer significant advantages over conventional techniques for the isolation and purification of biomolecules such as DNA and RNA from laboratory and clinical samples. Benefits include greater yields of product and elimination of clogging associated with filter-based methods, GE said.

GE Healthcare has an active program to grant licenses for access to its patents for biomagnetic isolation. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Medipattern Corporation announced a distribution agreement with Beijing Eastwide Medical, headquartered in Beijing, PRC. Medipattern has recently made moves to establish a global distribution network for its products. Beijing Eastwide has an extensive sales network, with more than 20 offices in various provinces throughout China. The company specializes in the sale of women's health products to breast centres and hospitals. Their products include mammography systems, ultrasound systems, and biopsy systems.

Zhao Xue-zhen, general manager of Beijing Eastwide Medical, said, "Breast cancer is a serious threat to young women in China. Beijing Eastwide Medical, Ltd. has a special division focusing on importing diagnostic tools and products specifically for breast health. Breast ultrasound is an established diagnostic and screening tool for women in China. B-CAD enriches ultrasound by increasing accuracy while training physicians to be more attuned to lesions, saving time and increasing diagnostic confidence for reading physicians.” Beijing Eastwide Medical will showcase B-CAD at China Med 2007 in April.