Partnerships: Boston Scientific, Acceleware, SPEAG; Paradigm & Reliacon; Spring Medical & Nuesoft
Researchers at Boston Scientific are using technology from Acceleware and Schmid & Partner Engineering AG (SPEAG) to investigate the impact of design parameters of implantable medical devices when exposed to electromagnetic fields. Using advanced FDTD solvers and Acceleware's high performance platform, scientists hope to identify and understand the basic physical mechanisms.

Acceleware combines its proprietary technology with SPEAG’s SEMCAD X simulation software and NVIDIA GPU computing technology to enable engineers at Boston Scientific to supercharge their simulations by a factor of up to 25x compared to a CPU. NVIDIA's parallel architectural foundation also allows Boston Scientific to tap into the high-performance computing power of NVIDIA GPUs for high speed processing, reducing the time required for design parameter investigations.

Nik Chavannes, director of software for SPEAG, said: "Running electromagnetic simulations using NVIDIA hardware empowers faster processing times by factors of 25 or more - enabling the analysis and optimization of medical products applying a level of complexity which nobody dreamed of, even two years ago. NVIDIA's and Acceleware's solutions have opened completely new worlds for Computational Electromagnetics."

Paradigm Medical Industries Inc. is developing the next generation of Ultrasound software for its P60 Ultrasound BioMicroscope (UBM) through a partnership with Reliacon Global Inc.

Paradigm “felt there is opportunity for significant improvement through a developmental program with RGI,” said Raymond Cannefax, CEO, Paradigm Medical. “We also believe there is a need to improve our database management system. With the patient record management changes taking place throughout the medical industry, the company decided to get ahead of the curve and help establish the benchmark for imaging related ophthalmic patient database management.”

The P60 UBM is a sophisticated microprocessor-based, multi-frequency ultrasound biomicroscope that allows practitioners to acquire and view high-resolution images of the anterior segment of the eye. The P60 UBM has been approved by regulatory agencies in the United States, Canada, Western Europe, Middle East, South America, and most of the Pacific Rim.

A prototype of the new software will be available at the upcoming American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons’ (ASCRS) Conference in San Diego on April 28. The new software will be installed in all new P60 UBM’s delivered by the company after July of this year. The new software will also be made available to the current owners of the P60 devices placed into service globally.

Spring Medical Systems, a provider of software solutions for small- and medium-sized medical practices, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with Nuesoft Technologies to provide an integrated EHR and practice management system for smaller practices. This tightly integrated EHR/PMS solution supports Mac or Mac/Windows combination offices, as well as Linux platforms.