Partnerships: Medipattern & DISS, Emsorl; Toshiba & NeST
The Medipattern Corporation has signed an agreement with two different companies to extend distribution of its B-CAD system to Puerto Rico, South Florida, and Spain. The agreements are with San Juan, Puerto Rico-based DISS, and Emsor, headquartered in Madrid, Spain. These agreements are a part of Medipattern's effort to establish a global distribution network for its products, the company said.

DISS has a team of more than 40 sales and service support personnel covering Puerto Rico and South Florida. DISS has a division focused on women's health solutions, consisting of digital and film mammography, mammography CAD, breast ultrasound, and breast imaging PACS, as well as consumables and supplies.

Emsor represents Hologic, iCAD, Novotec, Suros Surgical, and Stratec solutions for breast care. Emsor reported revenues of more than $10 million (USD) last year from products including digital mammography, mammography CAD, ultrasound, and surgical solutions as well as consumables, service, and supplies.

Japan-based Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (TMSC) has expanded its partnership with Network Systems and Technologies (NeST). NeST is known for providing exceptional value-added software development services. The software development center’s expanded operation started out with 30 engineers in 2002, but will gain more than 400 software professionals by the end of 2007, the company said.