Patent granted to Immunomedics for pancreatic cancer diagnosis
Immunomedics, a biopharmaceutical company, has received notice that the U.S Patent Office will issue U.S. patent no. 7,282,567 for its “monoclonal antibody hPAM4,” which covers the composition of matter for the MUC1-antigen binding humanized antibody and its use in the diagnosis and therapy of pancreatic cancers.

“In light of the potentially favorable risk-reward profile of this antibody for the therapy of pancreatic cancer, and assuming clinical trials will support marketing approval, we will consider developing this product through commercialization on our own," according to Cynthia Sullivan, president and CEO of Morris Plains, N.J.-based Immunomedics.

The company also reported that initial clinical results from a Phase I dose-escalation study with hPAM4 labeled with the radioisotope in patients with unresectable and metastatic pancreatic cancer were encouraging and the study has completed patient enrollment.