PerkinElmer to restructure into two units for next year
PerkinElmer, a life sciences company, has reorganized into two divisions—human health and environmental.

CEO Robert Friel said that he will temporarily lead the human health division, which will include the genetic screening, bio-discovery and medical imaging units. John Roush, who currently heads the optoelectronics business, will run the environmental health division, which will include analytical sciences, laboratory services and detection units, as well as the detection and illumination division, which was formerly the sensors and specialty-lighting unit.

PerkinElmer said it might sell its consumer lighting business, which accounts for $90 million in annual revenue—about 5 percent of its total revenue—or might pursue other strategic options. 

"PerkinElmer was always a difficult company to explain," said Friel, who was named CEO this year. Friel said the new structure, which takes effect Jan. 1, will help the Waltham, Mass.-based company better communicate its mission to customers, employees, and partners.