Philips, GST implement regional speech-recognition system
Phillips reported that its SpeechMagic speech recognition (SR) system is being implemented in 22 hospitals of Italy’s healthcare services for the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region. According to the Vienna, Austria-based Philips’ division, radiologists and pathologists will be able to produce medical reports from every workstation attached to the regional system.

The SR implementation is being conducted by Philips integration partner for Italy, Gruppo Soluzioni Technologiche (GST), the company said.

According to Philips, the hospitals will be equipped with front-end SR technology, which will provide physicians control over the production of medical reports. The deployment of  “roaming profiles” available through the system will facilitate its deployment throughout the region by providing physicians with access to individual user and voice settings on every workstation, in every hospital, the developer said.

The backup and recovery system will be centralized in the region’s capital city, Trieste, for data protection and reduced administration efforts, Philips said.