Philips Healthcare
Philips Healthcare (Booth 7173) is demonstrating three advanced visualization tools in its iSite PACS product as well as hardware and software offerings for interventional clinicians.

The newest iSite PACS release features advanced visualization capabilities (MPR, MIP and 3D surface volume rendering) to speed the reading and consultation of volumetric datasets such as multislice CT and MR cases. Running on Philips iSyntax technology, the tools offer advanced rendering performance and scalability without additional software and service costs. iSite PACS also has enhanced mammography reading capabilities, through a specialized set of tools designed for screening and reading of mammography exams.

Philips now offers iSite Volume Vision for iSite PACS, with additional functionality including a high-speed, 3D advanced visualization toolset to improve diagnostic efficiency.  The company says its iSite PACS also has an open-platform standard API that enables its customers to connect to their favorite third-party and custom visualization tools.  

The firm is further showcasing hardware/software combinations of interest to interventional radiologists, from mobile surgical C-arm systems to the multi-purpose interventional x-ray system, MultiDiagnost Eleva, offering flat-panel detector technology and 3D imaging. The 3D reconstruction capabilities of the MultiDiagnost Eleva provides clinicians anatomical insight, allowing their treatment strategies to be adapted while the patient is on the exam table. The company says that by having 2D, 3D and stack imaging on one system in one run, exam time for the patient is reduced as well as the number of separate examinations.

Philips also is highlighting the 3D capabilities of its BV Pulsera C-arm system. The 3D imaging feature helps clinicians visualize complex structures intra-operatively, facilitating procedures and potentially reducing the number of pre- and post-operative imaging studies ordered, thus enhancing workflow and increasing cost effectiveness, according to the firm.