Philips Healthcare
Philips Healthcare (Booth 7713) is demonstrating its Ambient Experience, a move beyond the traditional modality solutions such as CT into customized departmental solutions, for example with PET/CT. By understanding the entire clinical process, Ambient Experience provides continuous support for patients during their entire experience with the department, creating a more comfortable and calming environment for patients, and empowering professionals to deliver enhanced quality of care.

The company also is unveiling some of the secrets inside the Brilliance iCT 256-slice platform that enable improvements in image quality and dose management. These features are being showcased through Philips clinical partners who have experience with more than 10,000 exams to date. Through these exams, users have demonstrated how Brilliance iCT delivers image quality and dose management through even challenging exams.

Philips also is introducing a new product choice to deliver cost-effective care. This will be especially appealing to those facilities feeling the pressure of DRA and other economic conditions. New software applications also are being demonstrated on the Brilliance Workspace and Brilliance Everywhere thin-client solution. Automated features and never-before-shown advancements like liver segmentation, plaque assessment and whole body bone removal can be seen. The Brilliance Everywhere thin-client solution, allows unlimited users across the entire enterprise to access the full power of advance applications from anywhere, is now integrated into the iSite PACS.