Philips Healthcare
Philips Healthcare (Booth 6010/6210) is featuring a host of software solutions, including clinical decision support applications to complement EHR investments and integrate into hospital information systems. These solutions include:

High acuity informatics solutions that support evidence-based medicine and better predict and prevent adverse patient events:
  • Philips VISICU extends the reach of the care team through remote surveillance;
  • Philips ProtocolWatch advises care teams to the suspicion of sepsis and presents the protocol to follow; and
  • Emergin enterprise alarm management ensures the critical alarms get to the proper care provider.

Enterprise image management provides enterprise-wide access to clinical images and clinical applications while working with enterprise infrastructure:
  • Philips iSite PACS provides to clinical images across the enterprise. Its service delivery model includes unlimited user licenses, 24x7x365 proactive monitoring and disaster recovery service; and
  • Philips XIRIS radiology information system provides advanced patient registration and scheduling, thereby helping to reduce errors and streamline workflow.

Cardiology informatics integrated information management to provide data exchange and access to critical patient information:
  • Philips CVIS and Xcelera provide a single workspace to access relevant cardiovascular patient information and clinical quantification and reporting tools. The systems help control operational expenses and measure quality, performance and resource management by monitoring clinical outcomes, procedure costs, unit statistics, asset utilization and scheduling.

Perinatal informatics provides surveillance and continuous monitoring of fetus and mother, supporting up to triplets.
  • Philips OBTraceVue and ICIP NICU deliver information integration between Labor and Delivery and the NICU to support fragile lives at the time. Web-enabled access makes information available from any location at any time.