Philips introduces fetal-maternal monitors, digital recording system
Royal Philips Electronics has released its Avalon FM40 and FM50 fetal-maternal monitors, and launched its Digital Conference Recording System 955.

The Avalon FM40 and FM50 will add to the Avalon family of fetal-maternal products, which includes the Avalon cordless transducer system and the Avalon FM20 and FM30 fetal-maternal monitors, Philips said. The company also said that customers can choose an external display with touch-screen capability in addition to the monitor’s built-in, 6.5-inch color, touch-screen display.

Philips said its Conference Recording System 955 contains companion Boundary Conference Microphones and a remote control that allows the system to be used in small and large conference settings by adding additional microphones, according to the company. The system also includes a Digital Pocket Memo, a handheld portable recorder equipped with two-channel audio encoding, Philips said.