Philips issues SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5 for enterprise-wide dictation
Royal Philips Electronics has released SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5, an upgrade to its enterprise-wide dictation and transcription management solution.

SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5 includes central remote dictation device management, a new service-driven architecture and several administrative functions that accelerate user configuration and simplify the roll-out and set-up of enterprise-wide dictation workflows, according to Philips.

The company said its SpeechExec Enterprise 2.5 offers individual log-ins that identify each dictation user, allowing access to individual personal dictation settings and files while protecting sensitive information. The new version also has been enhanced for online dictation and transcription. 

Compatible with the new Philips Digital Pocket Memo series and the re-designed foot control 2330, Philips said that it now provides summary reports, job information, file export options and updated query filters.