Philips signs seven-year research agreement with Chinese hospital
Royal Philips Electronics has signed a long-term research partnership agreement with the West China Hospital, an affiliate of the Sichuan University in Chengdu, China.

Under the seven-year agreement, Philips will collaborate with West China Hospital to develop new medical imaging procedures for the diagnosis and monitoring of certain types of cardiovascular disease (including coronary artery disease – one of the major diseases in China), cancer and mental diseases.

Philips said its West China Hospital collaboration will include eight new research projects involving medical imaging technologies such as MRI, CT, PET and SPECT.

“With 5,000 beds and two million outpatients, West China Hospital is one of the largest and most technologically advanced hospitals in China,” said Rick Harwig, chief technical officer of Philips. “I am convinced that the results of the joint research program will enable us to strengthen our support capabilities and to refine our products to meet the specific needs of medical facilities in China.”