Philips, Traxtal to offer image-guided therapy system using electromagnetic navigation
Philips Medical Systems has collaborated with Traxtal Inc. on an integrated soft tissue therapeutic and diagnostic navigation system, being previewed this week at the 2007 World Conference on Interventional Oncology in Washington, D.C.

Philips and Traxtal researchers are working with multiple modalities, including ultrasound, CT and MR, to develop a technology that has the potential to improve patient outcomes and treatment accuracy through improved visualization, as well as to realize possible cost savings.

The Traxtal PercuNav system provides advanced navigation solutions for interventional radiologists performing image-guided percutaneous diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, such as biopsies and radio-frequency ablations. Cleared for marketing in the United States in 2006 and introduced to the market earlier this year, PercuNav is built to support physicians in guiding minimally invasive devices such as needles and probes into the body using electromagnetic tracking technology.