Philips unveils large-bore PET/CT system
Philips Medical Systems today debuted a works-in-progress, large-bore PET/CT system designed for the radiation oncology market at the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology conference in Los Angeles.

The new PET/CT is based on the firm’s Gemini TF PET/CT with time-of-flight technology and Brilliance CT Big Bore systems. By integrating PET, CT and radiation oncology capability into a single system, the Philips Big Bore PET/CT is designed to provide the positioning accuracy, positioning flexibility and workflow synchronization needed in radiation oncology, the company said.

The new large-bore PET/CT system sports a new, indexed 53-cm flat table that is designed to address the need of oncologists to gather precise position information for planning and applying external beam radiation, Philips said.

The new PET/CT will also feature an 85-cm bore diameter for both PET and CT subsystems, larger than current PET and PET/CT systems that typically have 70-cm bore openings, according to the firm.

Certain neoplasms, such as breast and colorectal cancer, require patients to be imaged in positions that can only be accommodated by a large-bore system; Philips said its works-in-progress system can allow these patients to be imaged without compromising position. Additionally, because workflow synchronization is integral to maintaining accuracy, connectivity and efficiency in radiation oncology, Philips said its large-bore PET/CT will feature CT and PET/CT simulation protocols, respiratory gating applications and connectivity capabilities required by radiation oncologists.