Philips upgrades ultrasound system
Philips Healthcare introduced Vision 2008 upgrades for the iU22 ultrasound system at RSNA 2007 in Chicago last month which deliver new workflow and imaging capabilities.

Using the ViewForum workstation with the upgraded iU22 can be viewed in the same format as CT and MR, for added efficiency. The upgrade enables users to view a sequential block of volume data, virtually rescan at any time to obtain their most diagnostic 2D images, and utilize familiar manipulation and quantification tools.

Also new on the iU22 is the C5-1 transducer. The C5-1, a solution for imaging technically difficult patients, including the obese, provides the penetration needed to get key diagnostic data, while combining the proven image quality of PureWave crystal technology with new developments in tissue aberration correction technology. These advancements compensate for the affects of adipose layers and sub-optimal resolution at extended depths.