PINNACLE Innovative Delivery and Alternative Payment Models
Saturday, April 2, 9:30-1:00 AM

The American College of Cardiology's PINNACLE program is designed to help cardiology practices thrive in this new data-driven environment. As a national office-based quality improvement program grounded in ACC/AHA guidelines and performance measures, the ultimate goal of the PINNACLE program is to translate ambulatory data into individualized clinical insight. However, participation in the program also provides cardiovascular professionals with the data resources and experience to compete effectively in a rapidly changing marketplace.

"PINNACLE would help to create achievement systems that would not only reward for outcomes, but measure them more clearly," says Janet Wright, ACC's senior vice president for science and quality.

The PINNACLE program is one way to get ready for the impending change from a volume-based reward health system to a value-based system.

There are many other registries available for practices and facilities to submit data in the hope that it will lead to creating better benchmarks of success, including reduced readmissions, reduced complications and more adherence to guideline-driven patient care.

In January, Carmella Bocchino, from America's Health Insurance Plans and a speaker in this session, testified before the Institute of Medicine Committee on the Determination of Essential Health Benefits, which is related to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

"The essential health benefits should be based on credible and appropriate scientific evidence," Bocchino said. "This will best ensure that consumers receive appropriate items or services that improve their health or health status. Ensuring that individuals receive treatments that are safe and effective will become increasingly important as the introduction of new and expensive technologies and treatments accelerates."

There is a lot at stake in the new arena of healthcare reform. This session covers a wide swath of ground and you would be better informed for attending it.

Speaker Information
  • David Crockett May, MD, Cardiologist, Lewisville, Texas -- Moderator and Discussion Leader
  • Dana Gelb Safran, The Health Institute, Boston -- Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Experience with the Alternative Quality Contract
  • Carmella Bocchino, America's Health Insurance Plans, Washington, D.C. -- The Payor Perspective
  • Joseph G. Cacchione, MD, Cleveland Clinic -- Progressive Risk and Its Impact on Physicians
  • Paul Casale, MD, The Heart Group of Lancaster General Health, Lancaster, Pa. -- Transitioning to Accountable Care