Planar boosts Dome grayscale resolution, shows new reading configurations
Planar Systems showcased at RSNA 2006 in Chicago its enhanced Dome line of diagnostic displays to increase the resolution, scalability and usability of the EX series in line with the company’s strategy to provide value-added display solutions in specialty markets. The company's Dome DA(4) architecture has the capability to utilize a variety of graphics processor technologies to provide the most options for diagnostic configurations.

Planar has partnered with board manufacturers in the market to provide tested solutions using these specific commercial graphics cards while maintaining the diagnostic feature set required by clinical customers. This is helping the company meet its goal of building on its specialty display core competencies to enter additional specialty display markets over time.

Dome's DA(4) architecture offers grayscale resolution of up to 1024 calibrated shades of gray, four times that of standard medical displays. In addition Planar is also demonstrated a new display configuration that combines the innovative Dome E4c with high resolution grayscale displays in an ergonomic configuration that will help optimize reading efficiency.

Planar's Dome EX displays are targeted to radiology, cardiology, nuclear medicine (NM), positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) and operating room applications. These monitors are built for clinicians whose needs exceed the capabilities of typical general purpose and commodity displays. In line with its strategic initiatives, the company said.

The company also demonstrated a new configuration for medical displays, offering a solution that combines two high-fidelity Dome grayscale displays with a high-bright Dome E4c color display. With this configuration, radiologists can utilize the Dome E4c for 3D reconstructions, cross sectional data sets and worklists while still having a high fidelity grayscale representation on a dedicated Dome E3 3 megapixel (MP) or Dome E5 5MP display, the company said.