Planar releases new high-end, flat-panel monitors

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Planar Systems Inc. has unveiled the latest in its PX line of high-end LCD monitors. The new 17-, 19-, 21- and 23-inch flat panel LCD monitors feature top-shelf visual performance, easy-to-use ergonomic designs, sleek bezels and a warranty is offered, Planar Systems said.

The PX line is designed especially for corporate users working in video editing, computer-assisted design, manufacturing (CAD/CAM) and finance who can take advantage of large screen sizes and multiple input options to work more efficiently with the PX212M and the widescreen HDTV-compatible PX2320MW. In addition, the PX1910M and PX1710M are built to work well with LCD monitors for businesspeople who regularly view spreadsheets, documents and presentations, as well as fast-motion video as part of their normal job functions.