Planar Systems and Matrox Graphics partner to boost Dome EX performance
Planar Systems Inc. of Beaverton, Org., announced on June 7 at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., its strategic relationship with Montreal, Canada-based Matrox Graphics to enhance the Dome EX line of diagnostic displays with an additional two bits of data and four times the grayscale resolution of standard LCD display.

While Planar displays have always had 10-bit capabilities, they were waiting for a graphics control board that can deliver this depth of information to its displays. Historically, because of software and hardware limitations, gray-scale LCD monitors were only capable of displaying 256 calibrated gray shades. 

The Dome EX display uses a custom Matrox MED Series display controller boards. This Planar/Matrox partnership enables the Dome EX grayscale products to display 1,024 DICOM calibrated gray shades – four times the resolution of the standard gray-scale LCD technology typically used in medical displays. 

In addition to highlighting their Dome products, Planar showed the newly introduced GX2MP and GX40. The Planar GX2MP, a high-quality color display intended for use in a clinical environment, offers 1200 x 1600 resolution, superior visual quality, and superb performance at 16ms response time, and comes DICOM calibrated with Dome CXtra software. The 40-inch GX40 has a wide viewing angle, high contrast and high brightness ideal for viewing in the OR. It maintains a long backlight life, low power consumption and a fan-less design and comes with Dome CXtra software for DICOM calibration.