Plasmon introduces archive appliance for smaller facilities
Plasmon today launched its Archive Appliance Express which has been developed for small-to–medium-sized medical businesses (SMBs) and to work within PACS environments.

Through SMBs don’t have the same resources, they often have the same data compliance and storage needs as larger organizations. The introduction of the Archive Appliance Express is a direct response to the need for an archiving solution that easily manages the growing archive demands, requirements and constraints of a business without the complexity and cost of an enterprise level product. 

The Archive Appliance Express is shipped pre-configured for the PACS software so it is simple to install and maintain for medical SMBs. Similar to the Plasmon UDO Archive Appliance, the Archive Appliance Express is a tiered storage solution that allows data to be cached on RAID for quick access while being immediately committed to UDO for long-term retention. 
The integrated Archive Appliance Express ships with new 60GB UDO2 technology, and SATA RAID protection providing 170 GB of usable cache.