Plasmon touts UDO Archive Appliance
Plasmon showcased at RSNA 2006 its new enterprise class UDO Archive Appliance that has twice the capacity, multi-archive support, enhanced security features and energy efficiencies to give users more security, flexibility and control over their archived data.
According to Plasmon, the UDO Archive Appliance integrates with imaging and content management applications to meet the needs of healthcare organizations developing strategies for long-term record retention. The storage technology enables multiple applications to use the Archive Appliance as a consolidated storage device but at the same time maintain unique storage pools and policies. Data for each application can be stored in separate, secure archives and individual policies can be applied to each archive, Plasmon said.

Archive Appliance helps customers manage more varied and complex scenarios including meeting growing IT compliance and governance requirements. The Archive Appliance automates the placement of data on the appropriate archival pool according to unique policies for retention, disaster recovery and media management.

New applications have been added to the enterprise archival storage system, such as UDO Guard, a first response to maintaining the privacy of data that protects data in transit by providing a unique password for all media.