Poll: Public supports Democrats' healthcare goals
Now that the Democrats are coming into power in Congress, an AP/AOL News poll has found that the public strongly supports both the party’s efforts to ease the process through which prescription drugs are purchased, as well as increasing minimum wage, the AP/San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

On the healthcare front, the poll found that 69 percent of adults would like the government to take action so that purchasing prescription drugs from other counties is less of a nightmare process. The benefit of this is of course that the drugs are cheaper in other counties. Doing this currently is illegal however the government does not currently take a tough line with individuals who import the drugs in small quantities, the Tribune reports.

Regarding another more controversial issue, nearly 56 percent of adults surveyed support easing restrictions on using government funding for research on embryonic stem cells as it could lead to advances in treating a number of diseases such as Parkinson’s, according to the poll results.