Premier acquires CareScience
Premier, healthcare alliance, has acquired former Quovadx clinical data-mining division CareScience. Premier and CareScience together serve over 900 hospitals. CareScience's clinical expertise tools are a complement to Premier's process improvement focus and database of hospital comparative data, the companies said.

"This is good news for patients and all of us who care about the quality and cost of healthcare in America," said Richard A. Norling, president and CEO of Premier. "The combined capabilities of Premier and CareScience represent by far the most comprehensive resource in the nation for services to improve clinical quality and efficiency."

Premier's Performance Suite provides quality and safety, labor management, and supply chain efficiency. It also provides web-based performance measurement and benchmarking, real-time surveillance and best practices to help improve quality and reduce costs.

CareScience works with hospitals to use comparative data as the basis for implementing clinical quality improvement plans that optimize patient outcomes and operational performance, increase staff efficiency and reduce costs.