ProSolv to offer new web-based CPACS application
Problem Solving Concepts (ProSolv Cardiovascular) demonstrated the latest features of its Cardiovascular PACS at this week’s American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions 2006 in Chicago. The company emphasized its new work-in-progress web-based software designed to broaden access to the complete tools of the system to all users within a cardiology department from anywhere.

‘One of our most important goals for the ProSolv CardioVascular product is to provide ubiquitous access to the system, while maintaining the power of the installed client software,” said Martin Brown, director of technology, ProSolv. “The promise of access everywhere also means that IT staff should not have to install and maintain ProSolv client software on every computer.”

This new version of the company’s client software that takes the form of an ActiveX control running inside a Web browser, Brown said. The working title of the product is “Web Analyzer” and makes use of Microsoft ActiveX technology so that the system meets the need for high-performance image display and manipulation.

From a user standpoint, a web browser would be pointed to the software sitting on the web server at their facility. The user would log in and have access to the full capabilities offered by the ProSolv CPACS.

Brown said that ProSolv expects the system to be their standard offering once it is released.
Along with this new web-based technology, the company will also offer for the first time licensing based on per-concurrent-users, rather than a per-installed-seat basis currently offered, said Brown.