Quantum Medical scores two New Mexico DR deals
Quantum Medical Imaging has installed two Q-Rad digital systems, which included a ceiling-mounted tomography system with a CXDI-40EG and CXDI-50G dual-panel system, as well as a digital, single-shared CXDI-50G panel floor-mounted system, at Albuquerque Health Partners facility in Albuquerque, N.M.

Comp-Ray, a Quantum U.S. dealer, facilitated the sale and installation.

The Long Island, N.Y.-based Quantum said its ceiling-mounted Tomo Tube Support incorporates a five-tiered telescoping column with overhead horizontal and transverse travel. The tomography sweep motion is an electronic motorized design for precise imaging control, without any mechanical coupling by the operator. The single-hared CXDI-50G panel system and the dual CXDI-40EG and CXDI-50G DR systems allows imaging around the patients versus positioning the patient around the DR panel.