Quantum shows new DR, generators and TechVision updates
Quantum Medical Imaging showcased its QV-9000 Digital Universal Radiographic System at RSNA 2006 last month in Chicago. The new system has automated positioning features. All positioning motions of the C-arm are fully motorized and synchronized for maximum patient throughput. The system can be positioned from the digital operators control monitor or from Quantum’s “TechVision” – tube-side operator control. The C-arm design maintains constant alignment between the x-ray tube and the image receptor, regardless of C-arm tilt position or image receptor angle, allowing for a greater number of exam positions. The system offers a mobile, pivoting table and is battery operated so there are no wires to step over.

Quantum also introduced the latest in its DR generators, called the “Q-VISION HF Series.” It has a 12-inch full-color touchscreen control and is available for both digital and conventional imaging. The Q-VISION HF Series offers specialized and customized programming and allows for remote diagnostics.

Quantum has updated its TechVision which now features Digital Image Preview. TechVision provides a complete digital image preview directly at the operator handgrip within three seconds after exposure. Then, the technologist easily can send the image directly to a PACS network for diagnosis. TechVision also provides a complete second APR generator console at tube/tableside. Technologists can view active settings and technique parameters right at the x-ray tube, where the TechVision all-in-one acquisition screen and handgrip device is directly mounted. These features increase patient safety as well as efficiency.