QUBYX develops calibration and verification solutions for Matrox display controller boards

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Matrox Graphics Inc. announced that QUBYX has developed DICOM calibration solutions based on Matrox MED Series and Matrox RAD Series display controller boards.

QUBYX medical imaging solutions support Matrox MED Series and Matrox RAD Series display controller boards by using Matrox's 10-bit grayscale LUT and DDC commands to drive DDC displays needed by medical imaging professionals. QUBYX DICOM software solutions integrate Matrox display controller boards and support Matrox DDC protocols. QUBYX DICOM products are integrated with features such as DICOM GSDF standard calibration, white level, black level and color temperature adjustments.

Matrox MED Series display controller boards support landscape and portrait modes, and brings advanced functionality and flexibility to the medical imaging market with multi-monitor support, image quality, and robust drivers. In addition, Matrox RAD Series AGP, PCI and PCI Express display controller boards expand the medical imaging product line with dual output support of up to three MP digital displays. Both Matrox MED and Matrox RAD Series boards are capable of driving various combinations of grayscale and color displays in stretched or independent modes.