R2 Technology sees a rise in orders in 2005
CAD (computer aided detection) company R2 Technology Inc. reported a quarter by quarter rise in orders in 2005 which the company claims represented a 31 percent rise over 2005, with Q4 orders rising above $14 million. The company also saw a backlog totaling $25 million including products and services as 2006 rolled around. Specifically, the company sold over 650 ImageChecker CAD units – the highest number in the company's history, the company said.

Highlights in 2005 included the company entering the mammography workstation and breast PACS market with its new Citra Mammography Applications Suite, for use with the Sectra IDS5/mx.net Breast Imaging Workstation.

R2 also highlighted successful partnerships as another bright spot last year. R2 has been Hologic Inc.'s preferred CAD system since 2003, and R2 continues to see strong performance from its relationship the company. In 2005, R2 also expanded its marketing and distribution agreements to include Agfa, Sectra and Siemens Medical Solutions.

Also in 2005, R2 completed developments for its CT lung CAD software package to be integrated into the Vitrea workstation.