Radiology techs share their passion with young people at ‘Radcademy’

Exhibits on radiologic technology. Education about radiation safety. Nifty associated apps to download. No, this isn't a preview of the next big professional conference, it's a description of an American Society of Radiologic Technologists' campaign designed to get buy-in from kids on the coolness of medical imaging.

The initiative, “Radcademy,” aims to inspire young minds to learn about the people and science behind imaging modalities and procedures.

It’s centered on a website that uses slick videos, eye-catching graphics and app-like elements designed to “engage young people and their imaginations,” according to a Jan. 29 announcement from ASRT.

The organization’s CEO, Sal Martino, EdD, says the initiative gives radiologic technologists tools they can use for educational aims.

And indeed, techs are “already telling us they want to use Radcademy for career days, school presentations and to show their friends and families what they do for a living,” Martino says.

In this radiology reporter’s humble opinion, Radcademy rocks. Check it out.