Radiotherapy systems shut down after errors found
Brain cancer patients in France could soon be contacted regarding malfunctions in the radiation treatment systems that were used to treat them. The number of people could end up in the hundreds, and could include some United States citizens. The French government has taken action and shut down the machines following notice from Brainlab, the vendor who manufactured the machines, Newsday/Associated Press reports.

Brainlab has said that seven units have experienced problems, four in use at hospitals in France, two in the U.S. and one in Spain. The specific facilities have not been named, but AP reports that The Cleveland Clinic has confirmed that its Ohio hospital uses a BrainLab machine. The hospital has stopped using the systems following the notice. Also, Valley Medical Center near Seattle was also notified by Brainlab a little over a week ago. 

AP has a copy of the notification and reports that the malfunction means that the "patient is set to an unintended position" when treated which could potentially “cause serious injury or death to the patient."