Reaching Across the Enterprise
Effective image management is an enterprise priority. Throughout The Digital Enterprise, you'll find examples of healthcare enterprises that have turned priority to success.

At state-of-the-art Florida Hospital-Celebration, enterprise connectivity means access to data and images from a single repository for seven hospitals, an outpatient center, a women's center and an orthopedic office. How? Integrated RIS-PACS, web-based PACS distribution, digital mammography workstations and CR.

Southern Ohio Medical Center met its aggressive goal of creating nearly instant reports for referring physicians thanks to fully integrated RIS and PACS coupled with speech recognition software.

Instant availability of current and prior images and reports from the integrated RIS-PACS throughout its enterprise of 12 hospital, health center and imaging center sites, has enabled radiologists at Atlantic Health Sciences Corporation in Saint John, New Brunswick, to work smarter and faster.

At the University of California Irvine Medical Center, a combination of PACS, web-based PACS and speech recognition have facilitated a drop in undictated studies from 4,700 to under 130 a month.

Wellstar Health System in Atlanta has found PACS the key to managing 3D studies, MRI and CR images, and the avalanche in image volume from multislice CT and PET-CT - adding up to 50 GB of data a day.

And Medical University of South Carolina has deployed 52 'physician workbench' workstations driven by RIS and PACS; web-based PACS connects the rest of the caregivers across the enterprise.

The glue for each of these successes is Agfa's HealthCare Business Group, specifically our IMPAX PACS and RIS, IMPAX WEB1000 web-based PACS distribution, TalkStation speech recognition, specialty workstations and highly productive CR systems. Turn the page to learn first-hand from some true image and information management veterans.

Ray Russell is Executive Director, Marketing, at Agfa Healthcare.