Reader-Scan Card plug-in allows bar code, RFID scanning with mobile devices

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Socket Communications, Inc., a provider of mobile productivity products, this week announced the availability of the CF RFID Reader-Scan Card Series 6. The cards are designed as plug-ins for use with Pocket PCs or PDA-type devices which run Windows Mobile software which allows users to scan bar codes and read/write to high frequency RFID tags, according to the company.

"By 2010, the RFID technology market is expected to triple from what it is today," said Peter Phillips, vice president of marketing at Socket Communications. "Both bar code and RFID technologies will co-exist for several years to come and the CF RFID Reader-Scan Card offers an easy solution where both bar codes and RFID tags are used."
Socket designed the PC Cards for facilities that are looking at RFID to replace bar codes, or as an addition to them. The CF RFID Reader-Scan Card scans linear bar codes and reads and writes to high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID tags, enabling users to support both technologies with a single plug-in accessory for Pocket PC-based applications.

The CF RFID Reader-Scan Card is now available for purchase with either a Class 1 laser (model 6M) that is safe for patient care applications or a more powerful Class 2 laser (model 6P) for more demanding scanning requirements. The Card is supported on Pocket PC 2003 (Windows Mobile) and soon to be released Windows Mobile 5.0.