Reading Services to the rescue

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International Teleradiology Corp. (Booth #6400) is highlighting its expansion into new markets at RSNA with 24/7 teleradiology coverage for outpatient imaging centers and radiology departments of all sizes in the United States, United Kingdom, Bermuda, Australia, New Zealand and others. ITC’s fully trained and certified radiologists can take over night cover for a practice, clinic or hospital, providing referring physicians with preliminary reports within half an hour of receipt of images and information. ITC’s service structures allow clients to also use the company for day time services.

Neurostar Virtual Radiology Network (VRN)Neurostar Solutions (Booth #2983) is introducing a range of online services that expand the Virtual Radiology Network (VRN) clinical image work-flow platform from an expert opinion consulting service to a portal enabling online sign up and configuration of a customized VRN solution. The (REO) is a service providing radiologists with internet-based subspecialist consults as needed. A joint venture of Neurostar and Templeton Readings, REO allows radiologists to obtain expert consults for difficult exams and unfamiliar diagnoses.

NightForce Radiology (Booth #5135) is demonstrating its U.S. based teleradiology service which specializes in providing on-call teleradiology coverage to radiology groups, clinics and hospitals. Accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), NightForce guarantees clients reports in 30 minutes or less, automated reporting, 24 hour technical support, dedicated account managers, an in-house licensing and credentialing team, and quality assurance programs.

NightForce is placing particular emphasis on its recently announced web-based RadRequest system, for secure, efficient teleradiology management. RadRequest offers NightForce clients a comprehensive, one-stop online environment for every aspect of their offsite teleradiology activity — one that is both HIPAA- and JCAHO-compliant. RadRequest is designed to serve the information and patient management needs of NightForce clients, typically radiology group practices and rural or independent hospitals. The secure, password-protected web site offers total capability for initiating new radiology requests, viewing preliminary and existing radiology reports, adding technologist comments, managing distribution of information and other capabilities.

Nighthawk Radiology Services (Booth #2271) is highlighting its overnight and daytime radiology coverage services for radiology groups, hospitals, and clinics across the United States. Its board-certified radiologists support hospitals and clinics in real time, offering coverage for more than 35 subspecialties.

NightRays (Booth #7069) is demonstrating its NightRays Tracker, an online system that stores all of a client’s case information online – including reports and associated images. The regularly updated system provides color-coded information including:
  • Patient demographics;
  • A timetable of the progress of reports;
  • Round-the-clock stats on the after hours activity;
  • Access to STAT reports with the radiographic images linked;
  • Perform QA online;
  • Identify ER radiology resource usage; and
  • An opportunity to dictate your ER studies online (softcopy) the next day with the preliminary reports attached.
Another of the company’s services — NightRaysPlus — allows clients to lease use of NightRays webservers, archives, and PACS.

NightShift Radiology (Booth #6560) is highlighting its teleradiology services that include all startup costs including credentialing, T-1 lines, and network equipment. All interpretations are provided by U.S.-based, board-certified radiologists. NightShift is JCAHO accredited, and its QA/QC monitoring has been developed to ensure quality results. Ordering physicians are provided with rapid report turnaround of less than 20 minutes on average. Physicians are granted direct access to their radiologists.

Templeton Readings (Booth #6402) is highlighting at RSNA its virtual radiology solutions for 24/7 radiologist coverage and promises fast turn around time for reports, subspecialty expertise and consultation. Templeton provides a full suite of teleradiology reading services including CT (including cardiac CTA), MRI, ultrasound, PET and radiography (XR, CR & DR). Additionally, the company offers other radiology solutions such as regular medical transcription and Voice Recognition web enabled dictation, CR, DR, and RIS/PACS/WEB/ARCHIVE.

The company employs U.S. trained and ABR certified radiologists that hold the necessary state licenses, insurance and credentials for your hospital. Templeton report studies in 30 minutes or less and has a policy to call for all urgent findings and are available to look at more urgent cases immediately. The company also offers a web teleradiology solution that includes a 24-hour IT staff available to manage the system.

Virtual Radiologic (Booth #7747) is emphasizing its expanding full-service teleradiology services for coverage of schedule gaps in radiology practices that occur during evenings, weekends, and vacations. The company says it has grown its offerings to include daytime and finals interpretation, as well as new subspecialty services. By expanding into daytime and finals interpretation, radiology practices no longer have to face doing final interpretation on images that Virtual Radiologic interpreted the night before. The company will now do the definitive reading on these studies to ease the burden on radiology staff. Virtual Radiologic also offers subspecialty coverage such as CT angiography reads.