Redrick Technologies new ComfortView Workstation unveiled at SIIM 2007
At SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., Redrick Technologies Inc., of Ontario, Canada, introduced its new ComfortView Workstation series, customized to fit space and workflow requirements. The base is built to accommodate up to 500 lbs., and features programmable adjustment and automatic repositioning for maximum ergonomic benefit. A new work surface material is available using formaldehyde-free core material and finished with an anti-microbial, monolithic coating.

RedRick also unveiled the new CVM motorized monitor mounting solution. The CVM, which accommodates up to four diagnostic monitors, allows the user to move the monitors simultaneously without vertical drift. It has an electric height adjustment range of 16 inches and manual focus range of 14 inches. With the tile feature the monitors can be tilted independently. This solution also rotates 45 degrees left or right. Together, the features make it possible to view images simultaneously standing or seated.

RedRick recently completed an install of several CVMs at the new Kaiser Permanente facility in Antioch, Calif.