Regulatory news: Medicsight, Rcadia
Medicsight has been granted medical device licenses from the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) of Health Canada to begin marketing and selling Medicsight ColonCAD API and Medicsight LungCAD API. David Sumner, chief executive officer of Medicsight plc said, "We are extremely pleased to receive Canadian medical device licenses for our colon and lung CAD products. These approvals build on Medicsight's recent ColonCAR market release in the United States and Europe and expands the addressable market of our CAD products for the company and its distribution partners."

Rcadia Medical Imaging, a developer of novel computer-aided diagnostic software, received FDA clearance to market its COR Analyzer I, which assists screening of triage patients for coronary artery disease. Rcadia’s COR Analyzer I and COR Analyzer II computer-aided diagnostic software packages use proprietary image processing algorithms to analyze CT angiography (CTA) studies to provide fast and accurate identification of coronary artery disease.