Report: Healthcare hiring index almost hits 70 for Q2
The global hiring level within the life sciences and medical industries has been reported at 66.77 for the second quarter of 2010, and the medical device and supply sectors showed the greatest number of global job opportunities, according to the results of the global hiring index report conducted by ZRG Partners.

The report, which highlights the global hiring patterns for the life sciences/medical sectors, found that outsourcing and service sectors had 500 percent more current hiring opportunities than life science and pharmaceuticals and 250 percent more than medical device and supply sectors (numbers are based on employee pool size).

ZRG reported that medical device firms exceed pharmaceutical and life sciences and outsourcing in the total hiring requirements reported globally.

The report showed that medical device and supply had the greatest number of global healthcare opportunities—46 percent. Life science and pharmaceutical sectors placed second with a 37 percent job opportunity, while outsourcing and services were smallest, holding only 17 percent of the total healthcare opportunities.

The report found that 63 percent of the opportunities in the regulatory, quality and clinical segments come from the outsourcing and services sectors. Clinical roles had the highest hiring demands during the 2010 second quarter, holding 27.2 percent of all hiring opportunities.

IT/finance and general executive and administrative positions came in second and held 26.9 percent of all the global healthcare opportunities.

“On a size of revenue and employee basis, the outsourcing and services segment is showing strong hiring demand in terms of current organizational size to new requests, showing the biggest projected growth,” according to the report.

By region, America holds 63 percent of the total healthcare employment opportunities, while Europe, the Middle East and Africa hold 24 percent and Japan and Australia hold 13 percent in the second quarter of 2010.

The report stated that Europe, the Middle East and Africa showed the highest demand for clinical, regulatory and quality positions. However, these regions lag compared to others for the percentage of hiring in the sales and marketing arenas—only 15 percent of the opportunities are within this sector. America held 22 percent, while Asia Pacific, Japan and Australia held 34 percent.

The 2010 second quarter results were based on more than 12,000 Global Life Science employment opportunities.