Report: HIT spending to spike in 2005

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A new report from research and consulting firm Capgemini expects 2005 to see a boost in healthcare information technology (HIT) spending.
Analysts at the firm project that increases will occur in both capital projects and the IT portion of operating budgets. The IT segment of operating budgets is expected to grow to 3 percent from 2.5 percent in past years. However, this still remains lower than other industries, such as banking, manufacturing and retail, which usually dedicate 7 to 10 percent to IT, the report said.
The industry in 2005 will continue to manage "recurring issues," such as limited access to capital, increased competition and a growing uninsured population, the report said. However, providers and payers are increasingly likely to use IT to deal with these issues.
The report lists 10 areas that healthcare organizations are likely to focus on in 2005. These areas include enhanced reporting capabilities, accelerated technology implementations, evolution to electronic health records, more use of the web for patients, stronger collaboration between payers and providers and tailored disease management programs and clinical treatments.