Report: Radiology 2007 compensation and employment statistics now available, a full-service physician and CRNA recruiting firm, has released its Annual Physician Compensation and Employment Survey, which includes compensation and employment statistics for the field of radiology.

Among approximately 200 radiologists responding to the physician survey, only 3 percent said they were not frustrated about practicing medicine in today's healthcare marketplace. 

Remaining respondents identified with a list of possible physician frustrations as follows:
  • Medical liability issues – 31 percent
  • Reimbursement issues – 24 percent
  • Lifestyle issues: Too much time at work – 19 percent
  • Administrative and business agendas interfere with clinical decisions – 13 percent
  • Federal regulations, policies, procedures – 8 percent
When asked what they would change about practicing medicine, radiologists said they would change "Malpractice statute and defensive medicine it causes” and "the fact that lawyers and politicians have an undue influence on the way that medicine is practiced."

Despite their frustration, more than two-thirds of responding radiologists (70 percent) said they would choose medicine as a career path if they had it to do over again.

Eighty-two percent of responding radiologists were male, 89 percent were board-certified, and 67 percent were employed full-time. More than half (61 percent) of respondents said they had worked as a locum tenens provider, but another 35 percent said they might consider it. 

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