Report underscores ARRTs mission
The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists says that a recently released U.S. Pharmacopeia MEDMARX Data Report, “A Chartbook of 2000-2004 Findings from Intensive Care Units and Radiological Services,” illustrates the need for radiologic technologists to be qualified in all aspects of medical imaging, interventional procedures, and radiation therapy — including the administration of medications required to perform radiological procedures. “Promoting high standards of patient care by recognizing qualified individuals is the mission of the ARRT,” according to Timothy R. Williams, MD, FACR, 2005-06 president of the ARRT. “We pursue this mission by holding some 250,000 ARRT-registered technologists to high standards of education, ethics, and examination.” Williams acknowledged that the USP study may provide useful information regarding where to concentrate efforts to further reduce the already low occurrence of medication errors in radiology. He also cited that because the study did not capture the total number of radiological procedures performed by the 315 facilities voluntarily participating in the data collection, it was not possible to determine the percentage of procedures involving medication errors.