Report: U.S. digital mammography market to reach $663M by 2011
Digital mammography systems will rise to more than $663 million by 2011 driven by the efficient workflow and picture analyzing capabilities they provide, according to the US Markets for Women’s Health Imaging Systems 2007 report from Millennium Research Group (MRG).

The report found that digital mammography was valued at more than $313 million in 2006, exhibiting close to a 110 percent increase over 2005.

Digital systems offer faster image acquisition than film-screen devices, which can increase a facility’s patient throughput, said the Toronto-based MRG. In the past, digital systems were not considered to be more clinically capable than film-screen systems, the firm said.

“The 2005 digital mammographic imaging screening trial found that digital systems were superior to film-screen systems for imaging women under the age of 50, and those with dense breasts,” says Robert Mak, analyst at MRG. “In addition to digital mammography, other breast imaging markets, particularly breast MRI, will experience strong growth rates from 2007 to 2011. In March 2007, the American Cancer Society published new guidelines for breast screening using MRI, recommending annual screening for women at a high risk of developing breast cancer. This will increase procedural demand for breast MRI, which in turn will drive system sales.”

MRG said the report includes coverage of industry competitors, including GE Healthcare, Hologic, Philips Medical Systems, iCAD and Siemens Medical Solutions; and covers breast imaging, OB/GYN ultrasound, bone densitometry and computer-aided detection.