RFID survey: IT companies ready, but not their customers
Technology resellers and solution providers are poised to add radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions to their offerings, but their customers have been slow to embrace the technology, a survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) finds.

The survey found that 84 percent of technology resellers, solution providers, systems integrators and consultants will or may offer RFID products and solutions in the next three years.

Nearly two-thirds of the companies (65.6 percent), however, said their customers have yet to implement RFID solutions. Among channel companies with customers who have implemented RFID, most said that less than 20 percent of their customers are using the technology.

"The results of our survey are reflective of the RFID market, where rosy forecasts about rapid and widespread adoption have given way to the reality of dealing with a technology whose broader deployment has been challenged by equipment and tagging costs, murky and unclear return-on-investment for supply chain applications, and a workforce skills shortage," said David Sommer, vice president, e-business and software solutions, CompTIA.

Among companies that see their organization offering RFID products and services, 89 percent expect to focus their efforts on hardware installation and maintenance. Just over 46 percent of companies said they will offer software implementation services; 38.9 percent will offer other RFID services; and 31.5 percent plan to focus on software development.