Richardson expands distribution with RF Monolithics' Cirronet products
Richardson Electronics Ltd. has expanded its product distribution agreement with RF Monolithics Inc. to include products from RFM's subsidiary, Cirronet Inc., throughout North America and South America. Specifically, the deal now includes distribution of Cirronet's line of ZigBee WPAN modules, 802.15.4 modules, and proprietary wireless sensor networking modules and complementary products.

Cirronet products distributed through Richardson Electronics include ready-to-use ZigBee modules, 802.15.4 modules, proprietary MiniMESH and VersaMESH modules, proprietary frequency hopping modules and associated developer's kits, gateways and access points. These products are in addition to RFM's line of products currently distributed by Richardson Electronics that include low power components, filters, RFICs, low power transmitters, receivers and transceivers, frequency control products and Virtual Wire products.