BRIT Systems featured its Roentgen Files RIS, which uses the same database as the company's PACS solution for seamless expansion to a filmless environment. The solution utilizes a web-based client that lets referring clinicians schedule and view patient radiology exams. By supporting industry standards such as HL7 and DICOM, the application interfaces with hospital or clinic ADT, Billing, Dictation and Transcription systems.

Compressus Inc. has expanded its RadSight product line with a new RIS. The scalable RadSight RIS attaches accurate patient information to the right diagnostic images, and then ensures the correct routing of studies to the appropriate healthcare personnel. The RIS also includes web-based functionality for remote use.

Eclipsys Corp. presented the upgraded Sunrise RIS which now includes a redesigned module for diagnostic reports generation with a dashboard view of all of a patient's clinical information, including current and prior exams. The tool also provides an option for integrated speech recognition, MP3-based digital dictation and structured textual reporting.

InStar Systems International announced RIS NET and the InStar Practice Scheduler. InStar RIS NET incorporates drag and drop patient scheduling, registration, order entry, pending appointments tracking, outside read tracking, pre-authorization tracking, exam tracking, mammogram tracking, charge capture, billing, film tracking and more. InStar Practice Scheduler is geared for small outpatient centers and practices seeking scheduling and electronic medical record (EMR) functionality.

Swearingen Software, Inc. showcased the fully integrated RMS Billing module. The RMS Billing component eliminates double-keying and the need for an outside billing agency. Other features include full integration with RMS, the ability to print paper HCFA 1500 insurance claims and submit ANSI 837 electronic claims. The release is scheduled for early 2006.

XIMIS, Inc. launched XIRIS 6.0 Enterprise. The new version is built for facilities with a high number of transactions and for multiple facilities. The RIS is replicated on numerous servers making it capable of optimizing the load and report turnaround time. New features include Time Matrix, which allows facilities to track an exam graphically showing the time spent throughout each process of the patient's examination.