RIS Concepts
RIS Concepts RCI-RIS
RIS Concepts (Booth 7703) is introducing robust billing features for both its flagship enterprise RCI-RIS, a browser-based multi-facility application, and RAD-RIS, an advanced web-based workflow application fine-tuned for the unique needs of radiology groups reading studies for multiple client facilities.

New at RSNA 2008 for RCI-RIS is the ability to post patient payments directly to the RIS with full integration of this information into the RIS Concepts billing application.  The new feature eliminates the need for front office personnel who accept payment to open the billing application directly, saving time and eliminating extra mouse clicks.  Additionally, the new feature restricts the number of radiology personnel who routinely access financial applications, helping to ensure the integrity of billing data.

For radiology groups that not only read but also bill for other facilities, new RAD-RIS features will help ensure similar integrity of the financial processes involved. New billing features enable radiologists to collect information on patient insurance as well as other patient data and bill for all exams.