RIS/PACS Powers the Pulse of Imaging Informatics
The imaging informatics essentials continue to evolve and expand their capabilities—judging from the offerings that will be available to attendees at the RSNA conference. From single-physician practices to multi-national integrated care delivery networks, RIS/PACS products are at the heart of digital diagnostic imaging. RIS and PACS have become integrated components of the healthcare delivery system as the fundamental infrastructure for digital diagnostic imaging data and reporting. As such, their reach is rapidly expanding beyond the confines of the radiology department.

Agfa Healthcare (Booth 4800) is showing its web-based enterprise scheduling and planning solution, IMPAX Scheduling that manages appointments and resources. The firm is unveiling its SE Image Management for managing image data in a CR environment. It supports single- and multi-user environments, as well as requirements and configurations through multimodality archiving and viewing components. Comprised of three software components—SE Server, SE Client and SE Standalone—for a practice’s digital acquisition system by providing the tools to store, manipulate, manage and output acquired images.

Amicas (Booth 7128) is unveiling its new Amicas PACS with an enhanced viewing environment composed of a new Patient Record feature, along with a view into patients’ imaging history and the Halo Viewer, a new image viewer. Amicas RadStream reduces medical-legal risk by automating and documenting results communications through prioritized images. Amicas Reach uses email and messaging to deliver images and reports via a web-based portal. Referring physicians can request orders for studies via a new order-entry module. The firm also is demonstrating its Amicas RIS application for scheduling and charge capture capabilities.

Aspyra (Booth 6610) is demonstrating a new release of AccessRAD 6.4, its RIS/PACS product, and an All-in-One PACS and RIS/PACS. The new release includes enhanced productivity tools, such as a department management dashboard, outpatient appointment confirmation and pre-authorization verification worklists. AccessRAD RIS/PACS release 6.4 also includes an order creation feature initiated from the PACS when incoming studies are received from outside referring facilities. Aspyra’s All-in-One PACS and All-in-One RIS/PACS include its PACS or RIS/PACS software application, server, web server, primary online RAID archive storage, secondary DVD archive storage, system backup DVDs and patient CD creator.

Brit Systems (Booth 3223) is demonstrating upgrades to its Roentgen Works remote reading service, a new workflow solution that enables radiology groups to provide outsourced radiology reading services. Brit is showcasing technologies, such as AJAX and Skype, embedded in Roentgen Works, and demonstrating new tools, such as the discordance and urgent findings tools. The Roentgen Works includes Brit’s voice dictation and transcription solution. The Brit View II, a new standalone DICOM viewer, will be sold, downloaded and supported over the internet.

Candelis (Booth 1509) is demonstrating its ImageGrid RIS/PACS appliance, featuring a suite engineered to expand web-based RIS/PACS capabilities. The ImageGrid technology suite includes the ImageGrid PACS Web Viewer for radiology applications; ImageGrid PACS Mammography Web Viewer for mammography-specific study reading; and ImageGrid PACS Referring Physician Viewer designed to accommodate offsite referring physicians via secure internet connection.

Carestream Health (Booth 8342) is demonstrating upgrades to its RIS/PACS platform as a works in progress. The new PACS features support for the patient cross identification standard, including: real-time matching of volumetric data from CT, MR and PET/CT cases, along with synchronized views and image manipulations; native support for PET/CT fusion with PET standard uptake value, PET/CT synchronized views and volume matching of current and prior cases; and power viewer using 2D/3D views with support for volume matching. The new RIS offers workflow management with a thin-client architecture that provides web-based access through Microsoft’s .NET framework.  

CoActiv Medical Business Solutions (Booth 7336) is debuting new capabilities for its Exam-PACS product line. Exam-PACS now supports breast-specific gamma imaging files from Dilon Technologies’ molecular imaging gamma cameras. Images can be displayed side by side with digital mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI images on one workstation. In cardiology, the Exam-PACS combines local and remote viewing with management, distribution and archiving for various modalities.
CoActiv also is demonstrating its new Exam-RT Archive, a digital viewing, archiving and retrieval platform for radiation therapy-related information. The firm also is showing its Exam-RIS, a customizable radiology scheduling, reporting and billing module.

Compressus (Booth 4073) is spotlighting its MEDxConnect version 2.5 release with upgrades to its interoperability package. The release features integration with GE Healthcare’s Centricity PACS, Philips Healthcare’s iSite and Merge Healthcare’s eFilm PACS products, providing connectivity across disparate HIS, RIS, PACS and automated interoperability. MEDxConnect indexes, integrates and routes all information in real time.

MEDxConnect version 2.5 also includes integration with PowerScribe speech recognition software. Version 2.5 expands the ability for groups to customize routing and worklist rules through general modality and subspecialty worklists. The Order Management Module creates an electronic order in a facility, with no RIS. An Addendum Enhancement feature builds on MEDxConnect’s single Virtual Worklist solution that enables users to automatically pre-fetch any patient information.  

DeJarnette Research Systems
(Booth 5423) is demonstrating its yet-to-be-released xDL Version 3.1, a Cross-enterprise Document Librarian product geared for regional archive settings requiring document sharing capabilities, as well as offsite storage gateway applications. The firm is introducing xDLVision WADO (Web Access for DICOM Objects), a web-based viewer and server for sharing and viewing images and reports. Its Intelligent Router application Version 4.0 has enhancements for OEM customers, including the integration of Nuance’s RadWhere product offering with Intelligent Router’s image distribution capabilities. DeJarnette also is demonstrating version 3.0 of its PACS Migration Gateway software.

DR Systems (Booth 4209) is exhibiting its Release 8.2 software for the Unity RIS/PACS platform, which features results tracking, peer review and DICOM structured reports. Capabilities include a zero-download web-based clinical review application and operation of the Unity RIS/PACS in a virtualized server environment. New features include: Critical Results, which tracks values, tests and audit timeliness of reporting results; Peer Review, which evaluates exam reports and diagnoses from other physicians in the practice; and DICOM Structured Reports, which captures DICOM data from the modality to the exam report. The firm also is showcasing its CS Series Workstations, a range of Unity RIS/PACS software modules that run on client-supplied hardware, as well as Multiple Volume Support.

Eclipsys (Booth 7321) at RSNA is showcasing Sunrise Radiology, its web-based RIS with embedded speech recognition and reporting. Available as a standalone solution or integrated with Eclipsys’ Sunrise Clinical Manager enterprise clinical information solution, Sunrise Radiology also can be integrated with Eclipsys’ Sunrise PACS, powered by Sectra.

Emageon (Booth 8537) is featuring its new Outside Study Gateway (OSG) that enables outside facilities to perform direct DICOM transmission of PACS images to the receiving hospital’s OSG server, providing for integrity checks as part of auto-forwarding into the hospital’s PACS. The studies are transmitted across a VPN and segregated, avoiding overlaps in patient IDs. OSG allows side-by-side comparisons of exams performed with the outside exams from a remote facility. 

eRAD (Booth 6254) is introducing its eRAD RIS/PACS and additional PACS Viewer plug-in modules. eRAD RIS is the order entry, scheduling, reporting and charge capture add-on to eRAD PACS, which includes billing system integration, transaction logging, results reporting and automated report fax and email notification. A new calcium scoring plug-in module to the eRAD PACS guides the user through ID and classification of calcium deposits. An eRAD PACS Image Fusion plug-in module integrates visualization capabilities into its viewer, which combines PET/CT and SPECT/CT structural and functional images sharing spatial resolution characteristics into a single volume.

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA (Booth 4039) is demonstrating its Synapse PACS, along with new integrated 3D capabilities, communication and collaboration tools. Fujifilm’s Managed Services platform is being highlighted, which provides the ability to achieve an interpretation platform. The firm also is demonstrating Synapse PACS hosted in a virtualized environment. Fujifilm also is integrating RIS/PACS with Fujifilm’s Synapse PACS and Empiric Systems’ Encompass.NET RIS. 

GE Healthcare IT (Booth 5529) is introducing updates to its Centricity IW product family. The Centricity PACS Web DX provides users with web-based diagnostic and reporting tools to perform image manipulations to include 3D (MIP/MPR), along with features of the PACS- IW viewer that change study status in the Centricity PACS 3.0 database.

GE is unveiling Centricity Precision Reporting, an embedded application within Centricity RIS-IC that leverages Advanced Speech Understanding technology to capture a speaker’s meaning. Centricity RIS-IC 10.6 offers integrated electronic forms and patient self-service registration kiosks.

The firm also is featuring Centricity PACS-IW v3.7.1.1, including the introduction of Centricity PACS-IW web-based oncology workflow. Version offers new tools for integrated breast imaging workflow, a new Study List and Patient Folder. GE also is introducing PACS-IW character sets supporting Japanese, German, Italian and French.

For web-based Centricity RIS/PACS-IW, GE is introducing version 4.1.1, which includes a new Collector Worklist, Authorization Alerts, DRA Schedules and management modules for management of collection agencies, collection letters and payment plans.

iCRco (Booth 5616) is showing its new Clarity PACS software. Clarity PACS includes a DICOM Archive with DICOM Print and DICOM CD/DVD import and export, multi-modality workstation and integration with third-party RIS and EMR. Clarity PACS is available embedded with an iCRco CR or as a standalone server and is scalable from small physician offices to large imaging networks.

Infinitt North America (Booth 4054) is unveiling its web-based Infinitt Mammo PACS, configured with 5 megapixel, flat-panel grayscale monitors. The PACS allows users to read full-field digital mammography (FFDM), ultrasound, MRI and general radiographic images on a single workstation. It includes features like access to digitized priors, comparative review, presets for customizable display and hanging protocols. The Infinitt Mammo PACS includes reading layouts and sequences for FFDM systems and for digital mammography computer-aided detection.
Intelerad Medical Systems (Booth 2865) is launching InteleOne, a software and networking solution designed to consolidate the image and patient data from multiple PACS and RIS into a single workflow solution. Images can be routed from different sites and integrated into the InteleOne master database for reading and case management alongside relevant prior studies. Radiologists can report from a single worklist, viewer and dictation system or voice recognition product.

Intuitive Imaging Informatics (Booth 4655) is featuring two new systems: Mammography on Rational Imaging PACS and 3D on ImageQube web-based PACS. The Rational Imaging PACS employs templates capable of displaying CAD overlays. The MG reading process is handled using the number pad or the computer mouse. On the ImageQube Web-based PACS, server-based 3D functionality delivers an interface for 3D rendering in a thin-client approach.

McKesson Provider Technologies (Booth 8328) is showcasing its enterprise image management and workflow solutions for radiology, cardiology, endoscopy, revenue and resource management, and others. Its enterprise medical imaging solutions, including the Horizon Medical Imaging PACS, Horizon Cardiology CVIS and Horizon Study Share radiology teaching solution, can help end-users speed the diagnostic process, from order entry to results distribution.

Merge Healthcare (Booth 4058) is demonstrating eFilm RIS/PACS, its Fusion PACS MX 3.0 with integrated digital mammography, and Fusion RIS/PACS MX 4.2. The company is showing a works-in-progress version of a new Fusion Billing solution for revenue cycle management capabilities, as well as its upcoming Fusion Web solutions for referring practice and patient portals.

The firm is spotlighting its Fusion RIS/PACS GL for international imaging practices featuring information workflow and image visualization with management features including dictation, document management, web-enabled distribution of clinical and business information and billing and practice analysis workflow.

Its Cedara group is highlighting Cedara WebAccess, a thin-client solution that requires no download or installation, and the Cedara I-Reach web-enabled PACS.

Meta Fusion (Booth 5401) is showcasing PACS and RIS architecture supporting multi-site radiology workflow, multi-country localization and integration with the OsiriX Apple Macintosh DICOM viewer, which is pending FDA approval. Its image management architecture collaborates across a network to integrate information, functioning as autonomous peers.

MIMvista (Booth 2015) is demonstrating the MIM Storage Server, which provides access to image data through an integrated archive solution. MIM Storage Server offers archive searching and data transfer with automated study routing and image retrieval. It also allows for storage of radiation therapy-specific formats including RT Dose, Plan, and Structs Scalable security options are provided using LDAP/Active Directory and storage. 

NovaRad (Booth 4265) is showcasing its NovaRIS/NovaPACS 7.1, including new protocol functions, such as automated comparative and single-study display enabling two hanging protocols; series start in a cine, MPR or other advanced format; and study duplication for manipulation and viewing in different windows or levels. The web-based system is available in Spanish, and through an application service provider model. Additional enhancements include series display settings that enable a radiologist to designate an image workflow according to reading preference. Also, new controls for scrolling speeds and dexterity for larger image count studies, and series notifiers on thumbnails to indicate what studies are open.

Philips Healthcare (Booth 7173) is featuring upgrades for its iSite PACS and Xiris 8.0 RIS solutions.  New features include: batch transcriptionist, messaging, VIP protection, Digi-form data mining and a Daily Dashboard of Xiris activity. Xiris 8.0 leverages the components to support mammography and other treatment cycles, linking visits and exams, plus consolidated reporting and dictation. The highlight of Xiris 8.0 is XRE 2.0, the next generation of Philips’ embedded reading environment for managing worklists, images and result reporting with voice commands using the SpeechMagic voice recognition system.

Philips also is introducing new 3D clinical applications for the latest version of iSite PACS, available as add-on options, including Philips iSite Volume Vision. Also, iSite PACS features an open Application Programming Interface that enables institutions to connect with clinical and IT applications.  

RamSoft (Booth 600) is unveiling a new version of its RIS/PACS software, PowerServer 4.6, which includes billing integration, routing with RamSoft PowerCache and Smart Routing Technology functions. PowerServer’s PowerReader workstation supports breast MRI, mammography and ultrasound reading from one client and interface; CAD image overlays work with CAD package that conforms to DICOM CAD specifications, including Hologic and iCAD. The overlays display calcification clusters and mass/density in tissue via polygon and ellipse markers. Other features in PowerServer 4.6 include a web-based referring physician portal, study alerts, a management reporting module and auto-distribution of reports via email.

RIS Concepts (Booth 7703) is introducing billing features for its RCI-RIS, a web-based multi-facility application, and RAD-RIS, a web-based workflow application. The RCI-RIS has the capability to post payments directly to the RIS, integrating the information into the RIS Concepts billing application. For radiology groups that read and bill for other facilities, new RAD-RIS features ensure similar integrity of the financial processes involved. New billing features enable radiologists to collect information on patient insurance, as well as other patient data and bill for all exams.

Rogan-Delft (Booth 8908) is introducing its new Zillion PACS, a scalable PACS with workflow designs that prevent radiologists from reporting the same study while all studies remain available for peer review. Safety measures have been taken to prevent unauthorized access of data, and data access is logged for secure remote reading or teleradiology.

Sage Software (Booth 7124) is showcasing the new functionality of Sage Intergy RIS Version 4—including referring provider marketing fields, film tracking and automatic charge posting based on appointments. The Intergy RIS appointment waitlist feature has managed care modules that help confirm referrals and visit availability. Adding HL7 interfaces enables information transfers without re-entering data.

ScImage (Booth 4013) is introducing PicomWeb, a physician portal that delivers images, reports, waveforms and documents via the internet. PicomWeb can be implemented as part of PicomEnterprise, as a unifying layer for disparate systems, or as an embedded link in an EMR system using the ScImage Universal Interface Toolkit.  The system provides a single point of entry.

Sectra (Booth 9124) is launching a combined RIS/PACS solution for North American customers that deliver radiology services across several institutions or communicate between several healthcare providers. Sectra also is showcasing the latest additions to its next-generation PACS including a diagnostic workstation for mammography, as well as a workstation optimized for referring clinicians with orthopedic pre-operative planning tools.

Siemens Healthcare (Booth 922) is featuring version V70 of its syngo Imaging XS PACS, upgrades to its syngo Dynamics cardiology PACS and improvements to its version V35 of syngo Imaging. The company is unveiling its syngo Suite Essential, an IT solution of preconfigured software, hardware and services for U.S.-based imaging centers.

Version V70 of syngo Imaging XS PACS combines features for reading, planning exams, reporting and 3D visualization applications. V35 of syngo Imaging is bundled with functionality for the transition from Siemens Magic PACS to the new syngo Imaging PACS, Prior Handling/Multi-Patient Handling, as well as support of syngo MammoReport and syngo Expert-I. Both versions support the combination of separate CAD and advanced imaging solutions with a PACS viewing workstation.

The company is demonstrating version 7.0 syngo Dynamics cardiology PACS, which includes data transfer between Siemens Axiom Sensis XP hemodynamics monitoring systems and the syngo Dynamics reporting and image management solution. It can  incorporate data from GE Healthcare’s MacLab v6.5 Hemodynamic system. The version introduces a graphical reporting element to produce coronary tree diagrams, to build a representation and text of the diagnostic results and summary of interventions performed.

Swearingen Software (Booth 8927) is demonstrating new features in its RISynergy version 5.2, including: patient allergy capabilities; a user messaging system; a new manager’s and transcriptionist worklist; transcription report addendums; a Mammography Database Registry data transmission module; and a mammography history PDF form capability.

ThinAir Data (Booth 3861) is demonstrating several features of its TeleRIS system, among which are contract, facility and financial controls; real-time order assignment engine w/sub-specialty routing; external and peer-review QA; radiologist’s sign-on; and the capability to launch multiple PACS viewers and reporting systems.

Thinking Systems (Booth 7121) is showcasing its ThinkingPACS and ThinkingRIS that has multi-modality archive capabilities and image management tools. The solutions are available as thin-client plug-in or thick-client add-on solutions to third-party PACS.

Viztek (Booth 9131) is introducing a digital conversion package combining its Opal-RAD PACS and a Kodak CR. Its new Opal-MD package combines enterprise level Opal-RAD PACS for digital image viewing and management with a Kodak Point-of-Care CR for private-practice physicians. The new Opal-MD solution delivers digital image viewing in multiple exam rooms, image auto-routing, CD burning and film printing. The latest version of Opal-RAD as a software-only solution is also on display.
Voyager Imaging (Booth 7534) is highlighting its web-based Voyager PACS products. Voyager PACS pre-emptive downloading function allows remote users to report as if locally based with fast loading of diagnostic quality images for review—supported with Voyager Streaming technology that allows remote referring clinicians fast access to images. Voyager products integrate HIS, RIS and IT departments, and they connect users through LAN, WAN and internet.