RIS/PACS on the rise in Europe
RIS/PACS integration is becoming increasingly common in the European RIS market, with sales of RIS systems expected to increase as a result. The European RIS Market saw revenues of $125 million in 2006 and the market should reach $180 million in 2013.

“Demand from healthcare IT customers reveals a distinct preference for RIS/PACS integration,” said Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Ranjit Ravindranathan. “RIS sales in conjunction with PACS are, therefore, a major and growing segment of the RIS market.”

Offering high-level interoperability of PACS with existing legacy systems such as RIS and HIS is one of the most complex aspects of PACS/RIS integration, which is only likely to become more complicated as the PACS market increasingly shifts from traditional hardware-software solutions to software-only products.

“Providing a smooth administrative platform with an interface with PACS and EMR will be critical in ensuring vendors’ success,” says Ravindranathan. “Providers capable of delivering solutions that exhibit these characteristics will be able to leverage their expertise to win prized contracts and to this end, will have to remain focused on product development.”

Overall, the market is set to experience steady growth due to large-scale investments in bundled product offerings and initiatives by governments of the various European countries. The market offers substantial opportunities for vendors providing customized solutions that easily interface with various modules in the workflow.