Rorke Data
Rorke Data's ProStor InfiniVault - DICOM storage system  
Rorke Data (Booth 7513) is unveiling the ProStor InfiniVault - DICOM storage system, a long-term archive for DICOM images that can store patient data and business files in the same system. Developed by ProStor Systems, the system is geared for imaging labs, regional clinics and hospitals looking for a scalable and DICOM-compliant system to address their growing capacity needs, while insulating them from technology obsolescence.  

The company is previewing the system’s RDX removable disk cartridge units that provide the performance of online storage with the economics of offline storage. The system automatically creates multiple, removable copies of images for disaster recovery protection.
A safe, low-cost alternative to traditional disk, tape or optical archive solutions for PACS, RIS, modality connections and DICOM viewers, the ProStor InfiniVault simplifies data management. It enables secure local and remote access to images and automates the retention and preservation of data for any length of time and to any legal or compliance requirement, including HIPAA. The Model 100 System is capable of managing over 1 billion studies in DICOM format. Each removable disk cartridge can store 500 multidetector CT scans, 2,500 MRI studies or 10,000 exams at a time. The system has up to 100 RDX cartridges online, and an infinite number offline.