RSD introduces breathing phantom
Radiology Support Devices (RSD), a provider of anthropomorphic phantoms and related radiology products, has released Breathing Phantom, designed for radiation therapy quality assurance.

The Long Beach, Calif.-based RSD said its Breathing Phantom torso mannequin is a plastic simulation of a human torso including lungs, ribcage/chest-wall bone, skin and sub-dermis and an independently movable tumor within one of the lung volumes. Under the application of increasing and decreasing air pressure, the phantom lungs fill and empty air to replicate human lung function. Chest movement of one cm and more can be programmed. As the lungs expand and contract, the simulated ribcage bones move as does the anterior and anterio-lateral skin surface, according to the company.

Matthew Alderson, president of RSD, said the Breathing Phantom helps compensate for tumor motion without irradiating the surrounding normal tissue, a benefit to patients.