RSNA: Canon highlights flexibility of x-ray solutions
Canon Medical Systems' focus at this year's Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual conference was to provide flexible solutions to healthcare facilities. On display, the company showcased its CXDI-50RF, a portable dynamic and static sensor.

The sensor, which is said to allow for the dynamic viewing and capturing of x-ray images, has a 17 x 14 inch imaging area that serves a dual purpose. The technology offers both standard static x-ray image capture, as well as 30 frames per second fluoroscopy that can be utilized in the observation of organs, said Canon.

Kris Kessler, marketing manager of Virtual Imaging, which is owned by Canon, said that CXDI-50RF can be utilized for two different services allowing facilities to eliminate one or two rooms currently in use and increasing their cost-effectiveness.

In addition, Kessler noted that some of the solutions that Canon is now offering are standalone fluoroscopy upgrades, while some are full systems.

Canon also showcased its updated portable DR systems and panels, including the CXDI-55G and CXDI-55C that can used to image the skull, spine, chest and other extremities. Futhermore, the company’s RadPro product lines can be integrated with the panels, said Kessler, creating another cost-effective strategy by adding capabilities to an existing technology.

“We have the flexibility to provide any type of solution, including floor mounted, or mobiles,”  explained Kessler.