RSNA: GE, Veran align for imaging, navigation for interventional procedures
GE Healthcare and Veran Medical Technologies announced they are collaborating to validate the compatibility of the Veran ig4 Navigation system and GE Innova imaging systems for use in the imaging suites during interventional procedures at the 2009 Radiological Society of North America conference earlier this month in Chicago.

Veran ig4 is a multi-modality navigation system that utilizes electromagnetic localization and image fusion to display an interventional instrument, such as a biopsy needle, an aspiration needle, or an ablation needle, on a computer monitor that also displays a CT-based model of the target organ(s), the companies said.

GE said its Innova imaging systems acquire CT-like patient images, which under the terms of the collaboration agreement, can be exported to the Veran ig4 Navigation system in the same imaging suite, during the same interventional procedure. The Innova CT image was displayed along with a virtual needle over the anatomy to be used for navigation during the procedure. The resulting displayed image will provide navigation information to help physicians insert biopsy needles, ablation (radiofrequency, cryotherapy and microwave) probes and other devices through the skin more quickly and with greater target accuracy.

“This can help speed procedures, freeing procedure room time and improving access to care while enhancing quality of care. We anticipate this collaboration will help clinicians to achieve greater accuracy, perform procedures more quickly and potentially reduce radiation dose to patients,” Jayant Saha, general manager of strategic interventional market development for GE.